Trauma Healing Through Yoga: Practice Making Choices

Trauma, whether catastrophic or an everyday trauma, impacts our sense of control in life. Whether we were bullied by fellow students, grew up in an emotionally abusive family or experienced a natural disaster, we were stuck in the situation that left us feeling helpless.  We end up carrying this sense of helplessness a long time, and it slowly generalizes into a way of being . 

This video provides an experience how to regain your power by practicing making choices through small body movement.

Trauma Healing Through Yoga: Creating Rhythms

When trauma happens, it impacts our sense of time and natural rhythms. We are no longer able to flow with life but feel frozen in the traumatic experiences as we may be disturbed by flashbacks and other intrusive thoughts or memories related to the trauma. We no longer are able to live in the present moment and engage fully in our lives. 

In this video, we practice sun breaths which allow us to experience rhythmic movement to helps us get unstuck from these frozen states.


Nurture Your Mind

Soothe your mind, spirit and body with these guided meditations! These meditations will help you explore your internal landscape with non-judgmental curiosity through which you may discover new resources, answers and clarity but at the very least a state of relaxation and peace.